A short biography of Bennelong

 (by Keith Vincent Smith, ‘Dictionary of Sydney’ Mitchell Library).  Woollarawarre Bennelong was born about 1764 and grew up by the Parramatta river.  Woollarawarre Bennelong was a Wangal (Wanngal or Wahngal), clan member whose heartland on the Parramatta River logically centred on the shallow area of The Flats (now Homebush Bay) with its salt marsh, reed swamps and mudflats, a rich fishing ground and source of mud oysters, shellfish, crustaceans, ducks and other birds. Here Bennelong lived for the first half of his life. Bennelong was about 24 years old in January 1788 when a convoy of British sailing ships brought some 1,000 men, women and children to Sydney Cove to establish the convict colony of New South Wales, an event that would change his life forever. [more]

Finding Bennelong 

The City of Ryde’s “Finding Bennelong” information resource was launched in the 200th anniversary year of Bennelong’s death.  It uses a series of 15 videos which chronologically and thematically interpret the story of Bennelong, to make the journey of his life accessible to all ages. [more]